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Album "Iliyas Aidarov. Faces. Painting, drawing, photography".

With the assistance of  The Valentine Ryabov Gallery, published by "UP - print". Great album of Honored Artist of Russia, People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, Academician of Arts Iliyas Aidarov.

Concept by Polina Aidarova.

Catalogue for personal exhibition of Sergey Fedotov in USA.

Catalogue published especially for personal exhibition of artist Sergey Fedotov in Coral Springs Museum of Art (Florida, USA) in 2014.

Essays by:

Bruce Helander - art critic, former White House Fellow of the National Endowment for Arts, former Editor-in-Chief of "The Art Economist".

Robert Rothchild - Art Collector.

Bryan Knicely - vice director of Coral Springs Museum of Art.
Project coordinator - Valentine Ryabov (art-critic, gallery owner).

Second volume of the album of Sergey Fedotov.

"The Valentine Ryabov Gallery" has commenced full-scale preparatory work of the second edition of the album of Sergey Fedotov’s artworks that will be published by the end of October 2012. It’s been a little more than six months, since the first book was published. But the events and special interest of the public to the artworks of the artist, made it clear that we have to publish the second edition.

The current edition is headlined by an introductory essay of a distinguished American expert in contemporary art Bruce Helander, Editor-in-chief of The Art Economist, constant writer for the "Stile" section of The Huffington Post, White House Fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts and the former Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs of the Rhode Island School of Design.

First album of artist Sergey Fedotov.

A full color, Russian-English, 272 page, 320x240 mm album of artist Sergey Fedotov will to appear in print by the end of 2011. This album, published by The Valentine Ryabov Gallery, presents a retrospective of the artist's works for the period of 2001 to 2011. It consists of artworks from the galleries' collection, private collections, and paintings that are in the artist possession.

The current edition is headlined by an introductory essay of famous Russian art critic Andrey Tolstoy.

Presenting one or another project for the judgment of the demanding public, the Valentine Ryabov Gallery strives in the first place to show masters, whose names define the state of modern art of modern Russia.

Album "150 artworks of contemporary Russian artists".

The Valentine Ryabov Gallery congratulates all its artists, friends, and associates with the publication of the third edition of the album "150 artworks of contemporary Russian artists".
November 24, 2008, the edition has arrived from the printing house of “UP press”, where, in fact, all three albums were published.
This time the cover of the book is white (upholstered with canvas), which means, that the initial idea to make the three books the color of the Russian “threecolor” flag has been accomplished.
The front side of the cover has an inset of a reproduction of a painting by Sergey Basov "Winter landscape". The fly-leafs show the exposition halls of the gallery. The first pages of the book contain information about the gallery, words of gratitude to our partners and friends, with whom we are tied by long years of cooperation. Further follows a short introductory article, that formulates the concept of the three volume edition, and at the same time, the stand of the gallery, that has been formulated during the period from 1993 to 2008 (one should think that in the foreseeable future the program principles will not change except that they may acquire more depth and range)…
Then, in alphabetic order, come the reproductions of paintings of the artists-participants in the third edition and the chronology of the main events in the work of the gallery.  
Contents take up two double pages. As the previous two editions the texts in the album are in Russian and English languages. Information about our partners concludes the book. And they are: Hotel «Marco Polo St. Peterburg», corporation «MIRAX Group», Hotel «Baltschug Kempinski» Moscow, The Tula museum of fine arts.

Catalog of works of Sergey Basov (landscape).

Catalog of works of Sergey Basov (landscape) - Published in 2002 with the participation of the Russian Cultural Foundation. Consultant: Vice President of the Foundation, Professor of Philology - Alexey Nalepin.

Сatalog for the exhibition "Traditions in Russian Art" in the museum "D'agua das Amoreiras" (Lisbon).

The Valentine Ryabov Gallery, together with the «EPAL» company (Portugal), published a catalog for the exhibition "Traditions in Russian Art", which was held in 1999 in the museum "D'agua das Amoreiras" (Lisbon). With works of such artists as: Nikolay Sidorov, Elena Obukhova, Sergey Shlyachkov, Alexei Alpatov, Sergey Tsimbal. Introduction by the gallery owner Valentine Ryabov.

The album "Traditions. Past and Present".

The album "Traditions. Past and Present", was published by Valentine Ryabov Gallery in 1999 with the participation of the Russian Culture Foundation and personally Nikita Mikhalkov. The album includes the works of the following artists: Moscow Icon Workshop, Nikolai Shurygin, Andrei Gerasimov, Sergey Gavrilyachenko, Alexey Alpatov, Vitaly Ermolaev, Sergey Shlyachkov, Tigran Aghajanyan, Nikolai Silis, Valentine Ryabov.

Сatalog of works of the artists of the gallery "Inner Space".

The catalog of works of the artists of the gallery "Inner Space" - published in 1995. With the participation of the International House of Children's Creativity "Dinaoda" and the company "Interbuket".

The works of such artists as Eduard Dmitrenko, Sergey Maksimov, Igor Mashkov, Mikhail Satarov, Vladimir Lemport, Maria Vishnyak and many other Russian masters.

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