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Central Exhibition Hall «Manege» in Moscow opened an exhibition titled «Sculptures we do not see».

The central part of the exposition is occupied by works of Vadim Siddur, Nikolai Silis and Vladimir Lemport. For people who are interested in contemporary Russian art there is no need to introduce these names. The era of the 1960s was marked by the discovery of a whole galaxy of talents both in painting and graphics as well as in the field of sculpture. But if the paintings of nonconformist artists were comprehensible for certain groups of estates and collections, the sculpture was mostly antagonistic for the citizens of the USSR. To collect in "Manege" brightest representatives of the 60s sculpture was a bold and correct idea. Citizens of Russia should know their culture, although many artists represented in this exhibition are no longer alive and their work cannot be bought. Collectors from Germany, France, Britain, and the United States are already, for a long time has been including the work of these artists in a list of unique collectibles. Text: Valentin Ryabov. Photo: Andrey Romikov.

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