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The artist of Valentine Ryabov Gallery Irina Miklushevskaya took part in the exhibition of Northeast

The exhibition of Northeast Asia art was held in the Japanese city of Kurayoshi. Five regions delegates took part in the opening ceremony, inсluding the Governor of the Primorky region of Russia Vladimir Miklushevsky. In total there were 75 works - 15 from each region, with artworks from both young and already acclaimed artists. Among them "The First Snow" by Irina Miklushevskaya who is the artist of The Valentin Ryabov Gallery. Another work by artist from the show was made on the silk scarf and now belongs to the Governor of Tottori Prefecture.

And in the Primorsky Art Gallery in Vladivostok, as part of the exhibition "Russian watercolor portrait of the XIX century" Irina Miklushevskaya held a demonstration master-class "Secrets of Watercolor." The master-class was dedicated to multi-layer watercolor - a classic technique that was actively used by 19th century: with face modeling, images of fabrics, interiors, in some areas of the background and - sometimes - in the landscape. Work with watercolor takes a special place in the artist's work. However, the tradition of the classical multi-layer watercolor now almost forgotten, Irina Miklushevskaya seeks to revive interest in this filigree technique.

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