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New arrivals! Artworks by Mikhael Estrin.

Born in Moscow in 1991. In 2012 graduated from the Faculty of Theory and History of Arts of the Moscow State Academic Art Institute.

From 2012 to 2017 worked as an assistant curator and executive director at the Valentine Ryabov Gallery and took part in many gallery projects (among them: Art Naples, Miami SeaFair, LA Art Show, New York Art Expo, Moscow Fashion Week, etc.).

In 2018 organized the "EASY" Art Project, within the framework of which a series of parties were held in Moscow. (Most significant: "EASY art project vol.1 at the Punk Fiction bar and "EASY + Ida" at the «squat 3/4» club).

In 2020, held a series of virtual exhibitions on the «kunstmatrix» platform: "Sergey Shlyachkov: Artist on a White Horse", "Ekaterina Grigoryeva", "Pavel Balyasnikov: Say Nothing".

In 2021: Curator of the personal exhibition of Pavel Balyasnikov "Flowers and Monsters" in the Exhibition Hall of the Russian State Library for Youth (Moscow).

In 2020-2022, worked on the creation of the «Art Polytech» cluster as an employee of the Moscow Polytechnic University.

In 2022 was a guest lecturer for students of the art history faculty of the Moscow State Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts.

Since 2018, he has been experimenting as an artist in mixed media.

He made his first works using the Polaroid lift technique - when the photographic emulsion is separated from the slide and transferred to paper. Thus, the first series of postcards was made. You could see shots from everyday life in a shared space with sloppy captions and abstract watercolor spots.

In search of a more accessible and faster technique, the artist focused on working in digital format and printing works using the cyanotype method (a silver-free photographic process that gives an image of a blue tint).

The series "Idles", "Acupuncture" and "Nature morte" belong to this stage.

They already show a more conscious use of images, phrases and the technique has made it possible to print works in small collection runs.


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