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"Painting and Fashion. Dialogue with Kandinsky XX-XXI centuries".

The Valentine Ryabov Gallery pays special attention to the development of the fine arts in Russia. The main criterion for selecting of works of art is a high level of skill and professionalism of artists.

Abstraction art originated in the 1910s of the twentieth century. Great contribution to the development of abstractionism was made by Russia. The world knows the names of the great founders of abstract art, V. Kandinsky and K.Malevich. Especially organically, these ideas fit into the turbulent era of the birth and formation of the new social orders. Russian artists were especially receptive to the ideas of their compatriots, Larionov M., Goncharova N., Tatlin V., Esther A., Rozanova O., Popova L., Rodchenko A., Burliuk D., Udaltsova N. and continued working on the species and forms of this diverse direction in art. Throughout the twentieth century, abstract art has had a tangible impact on architecture, plastics, design, music, ballet and fashion. Today, already in the twenty-first century, interest is increased. The 21st century is the "information age", the "age of speed", the "age of integration", the age of new technologies, the Internet and the new progressive youth. A century of new modern people whose life is in motion. Such art is typical of the human attitude in the 21st century. It combines the logical integrity, the wealth of ideas contained in a simple form and the unbridled emotionality of the unconscious. Sergei Kupriyanov, president of the Union of Abstractionists of Russia, one of the brightest artists of modern domestic abstractionism, is in dialogue with one of the founders of Russian abstract art - Vasily Kandinsky, whose work has not lost its relevance in 150 years. Through the biomorphic forms and geometric abstractions of his compositions, Sergei Kupriyanov most closely approached the Kandinsky phenomenon. Within the framework of the vernissage, the dialogues of eras and cultures are demonstrated to us by the designer of Russian classical fashion Tatiana Draganova. Turning to the era of the origin of abstractionism, by the beginning of the twentieth century, so rapidly breaking into the map of history and destroying the centuries-old way of the Russian Empire, the designer conducts his dialogue with the vivid representatives of the time: Natalia Goncharova, Lilia Brik, Isadora Duncan, Anna Akhmatova, Zinaida Gippius. The twenties of the twentieth century were a turning point in the history of modern fashion, and even today stylish trends are still owed much to the "roaring twentieth". How do modern Gippius and Duncan, Akhmatova and Rozanova look like? Are they still feminine and mysterious, adorable and fragile? Passing through the whirlpools of the twentieth century, the priority of the modern Russian woman is the tenderness and romanticism, refinement and mystery that, as an invaluable gift, are transmitted through generations and reflected in the models of the collection "Traditions of Russian Fashion" by designer Tatiana Draganova. The vernissage and exclusive display of clothes will be held on December 23 at 19.00 at the address: Moscow, Minskaya Street, 1 "G", in the building of the shopping and entertainment complex «Zolotye kluchi-2».


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